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Fier membre du CCATM depuis 2017
Proud member of CCMTA since 2017

     To be a member of the Canadian Federation of Transport means we mobilise under one united banner to change our working conditions in the transport industry to get the trade recognise as a professional trade on a national level and that we are present and represented in every provinces.

     Add your voice, your strenght and involve your associations to an organised and serious group in a collective and continious effort to have a real and efficient impact toward the various parties involved in our trade and obtain concrete results at federal and provincial levels.

     You get a right of speech, innitiative, eligibility, dissidence and vote on matters, cases and issues that your federation takes action on.

     Also to be part of the CFT means: to have a represented voice in all provinces as well as country wide, it involves to be part of a group of associations across the country including now .

     Also it gives access to a wide range of discounts on products and services with many partners.

     To register and become a member click here.

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