Ottawa: June 3 to June 6, 2019

1. Automated driving: gaining trust


The world is changing at a great speed and automated driving will soon be an integral part of it. To prepare well for it, it must be treated not as an objective, but as an instrument of security and progress. At this point, it is less important to know whether the public trusts automated driving than it is to ensure that technology companies and car manufacturers are trusted.


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2.Transportation and road safety: on the way to the future


The introduction of automated vehicles and a host of related technologies is a game-changer in the transportation ecosystem in Canada. This presentation covers the particular pitfalls and pitfalls for automakers, insurance companies and the rest of the automotive industry as we work to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries on the road. Panelists will speak to the audience about the approaches companies are taking to ensure the safety of new automotive technologies, including automated driving systems (ACS). They will describe the methods used to validate the security of new automation options and explain how they are tackling the challenges now posed by automated and connected vehicles, such as cyber security and after-sales service for sensor and sensor series. software.


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3. Impaired Driving: Research Findings


Whether it's transportation, health, public safety or road safety, driving under the influence of drugs is a road safety priority for governments and their stakeholders. With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, it becomes all the more important to continue the long-term research and observation work on the incidence of drug driving. This session will present the main lines of current research and the main findings which will guide approaches to driving under the influence of drugs.


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4. Surviving the demographic change tsunami


Over the next century, the employer-employee relationship will change dramatically, because in a market that benefits the most skilled workers, companies will have to compete in imagination to attract and retain talent. That said, the more skilled workers will be desired, the more people will be unable to find work. The presentation will address the situation from generation to generation, emphasizing the measures necessary to find and retain the talented employees of three groups: baby boomers, Xs and millennials. It will also be an opportunity to obtain advice to meet the needs of the employees of these groups.


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