August 18, 2016


The Canadian Federation of Transportation was founded on august 18th 2016 by François Gervais and  Sylvain Cyr who are both truck drivers. Both were unsatisfied about the way the heavy vehicules transportation industry was being governed and the way our various levels of Gouvernment were treating the insustry and it’s workers.


François and Sylvain have known each other for quite some time now and both tried several times to have some positive changes done within the Transportation industry and each time the results were not what they hoped for. Both founding members came to the realization that to succeed.


From there, more members kept coming in and little by little the CFT continuously grew.On
December 10th 2016 in order to be recognised by
Governmental organizations the CFT registered itself as a Non Profit Organization (NPO). From there an Administrative comittee was put in place. The AC then proceeded to get in contact with Mr Stephan Viau to offer to become a lobbyist-Advisor and the Public relationist for the CFT.


The CFT represents the truck drivers that have
adhered a membership. The CFT also has the mandate to standardize the laws put in place by our different levels of Government so that our profession can be recognised on the same level across our Country. We believe that this would facilitate the job for our drivers and significantly improve the security of both our drivers and the citizens of Canada

Sylvain Cyr

the Canadian Federation of Tranportation


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Towards the end of the 1960s, in the early 1970s, as all the tradesmen organized themselves to improve their working conditions, to structure themselves and to be recognized as professional trades as we know them today, the industry transport did not feel the need to join the movement because, among other things, it was already regulated.


     Subsequently, in the late 1980s, during the deregulation of transportation, our industry suffered a loss of recognition and a significant deterioration of its working conditions since that time.


     The increase of the constraints and the regulations doubled of severe fines as well as the decrease of the flexibility of our schedules were put in place to increase the security and to counter the abuses.


     The lack of adaptation of governments and industry to the new and pre-existing realities of transport such as waiting times, logistical gaps, traffic densification, the increase of construction sites, lack of maintenance and adaptation of the road system and the delivery system '' on time '' are felt more and more heavy. We believe it is essential to address and change the lack of coherence between laws and regulations in the face of transport realities.


     So we at the Canadian Federation of Transport started by identifying the basis of these problems and identified certain issues as the core of our mission.


1- To recognize our profession as a professional profession.


2- Harmonize laws across the country.


3- To enforce and respect the existing laws that protect our profession.

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