The transport industry is hurting on many levels. In the last year, the CFT has been quite active considering the amount of members involved. We have registered with the federal government as a non profit organisation, took part in resolving conflicts to help drivers, we have built partnerships with other associations.

     We aim for the machine to move forward because to achieve our trade recognition we need to do it all together, we need to prioritise the cause over the self! Unfortunately many of us still haven't answered the call! As an old saying sates: « heaven helps those who help themselves ». We at the CFT have inspired ourselves from that saying and have chosen that slogan: « For you, by you ! »

     The goal to be member of an association like ours is to have a strong representation when dealing with issues that concerns us with the government. Also, it allows to centralise our efforts and ideas ensure we get there together. So, by being members at CFT, you can all be actors of the change!

     The CFT has 3 simple goals: 


- The recognition of our trade as a skilled trade

- The standardisation of laws in Canada

- The application of the laws already in place


To achieve this we need you all! We have the number! 


     Is CFT a good reference? Yes! The government and the traditional medias have turn their attention to us because of our vision. Our willingness and openeness to work with others have allowed us to rebuild the faith that a brotherhood of truck drivers is still possible.

     Because of our partnership CFT-ARPQ we have come a long way and have made giant leap on the approach with government! We already have a seat at the concertation tables with the federal government! 

     So stop complaining and get with the program, register with one of the association participating in the coalition movement because yes together we can accomplish major changes. We have to unite our efforts, stop allowing anyone to diminish our rights and liberties, defend ourselves in a smart way, protest power abuse... Alone we have a limited power but together we can move mountains.

Text by Sylvain Cyr (co-founder of CFT)

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